Why Pre-order?
Making clothes you’ll want to keep forever is something that can’t be rushed. In these days of fast fashion and on-demand delivery, speed is of the essence with little thought to the consequences. That’s led to a mountain of waste (92 million tonnes of clothing is disposed of each year, according to some estimates) and a punishing requirement for fashion brands to produce an endless cycle of new looks and collections.

That works for some, but it’s not what we’re about.

We’re into delayed gratification. If something is great, it’s worth waiting for. That’s why you’ll only be able to get your hands on one of our items if you pre-order it.  We’re only planning on producing three collections of a single item (Nason #1 will be a shirt) three times a year, and we’ll only ever go into production when we hit a minimum of fifty orders. Even then, we’ll only ever produce the amount for which we have received an order – and for now that’ll be never more than 300.

  • It means you’ll receive an exclusive piece of clothing, which has been carefully made by hand. It could be one of just 50 such items in the world.
  • It means we’ll never produce more than we sell, so wastage is virtually eliminated.
  • It means we’re both supporting small producers, craftspeople and trades.


Why Pre-order Why Pre-order


How will it work? A month before we open our order book, we’ll share images of our next collection to our Studio Notes subscribers and on social media. We’ll tell the story of the item, its details, fabric, where it’s going to be made and so on. A wait list will be open for anyone who might be interested in placing an order.

A month later, we’ll open our order book to everyone on that wait list. After a couple of weeks, or when we hit our maximum – whichever comes first – we’ll close the book and start production.

It may be that you won’t then see your item for a few months – it can take 12 weeks for the fabric we’ll use to be produced, for example. But when it drops on to your doorstep, you’ll suddenly be reminded of the unique, hand crafted, lovingly tailored and sustainable piece of clothing that got you excited in the first place.

That has to be worth the wait.

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