About Our Shirts

At Nason, we’re all about taking things slow.

But now we’re getting close to launching our first piece, things are moving fast. It’s exciting, but also a little scary.

Nason #1 will be a shirt. There will be five styles in total, two for men, three for women. We think shirts are the perfect launch item. Incredibly versatile; steeped in history and, because of the complicated shapes involved, a test of good tailoring and design.

But before we could produce a shirt we needed to understand them better. We started by exploring the Vintage Showroom in West London, researching different shirt styles, cuts, details, stitching and fabrics, and learning the stories behind them. Mel spent a lot of time sketching design ideas, and talking to men and women about shirts and what they’d want from one.

From those designs, she shortlisted her favourites and developed a spec for each - with measurements, trim and fabric details. In turn, that was handed over to Pearl at Guava London to use for the patterns and toiles of the first samples (mock ups of the design in a similar fabric so we could check the look, detail and fit of the garment).


Our Shirts Our Shirts


Meanwhile we researched fabrics. We want people who wear our clothes to love how they feel. If they do, they’ll take care of them – and so take care of the planet a bit. For one of the men’s shirts we found a beautiful Japanese denim called Okayama, and you can feel the quality of the heritage woven into the material.

Very soon, we’ll get our final samples, and are busy with selecting models and locations for our first official product shoot. So after a long time working to get it right, we’re almost ready to share with you the launch of Nason #1.

We hope you like what you see.

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