If recent events have taught us all anything, it's that it is no longer sustainable to make clothes that might or might not sell. By launching our pieces in strictly limited runs, it allows us to gauge interest and demand in certain pieces without ever risking overproduction. Once the item is no longer available to buy on our site that's it, there will be no more produced and the items will be shipped to our customers.

This 'direct-to-consumer' approach means we can avoid the traditional fashion season model of inundating customers with new looks all at once and at fixed times. It means we can focus far more on our customers' preferences and deliver a far more tailored, considered service and all without the risk of sending more waste to landfill.

So it works like this. When we launch a new item, it will only be available in our online shop for a limited time. You can pre-order your piece at any time during that period.

We only make and use fabric for the total number of orders we receive and never any more.

We'll keep everyone who has placed an order with us informed about progress during the production period, and will then get in touch with you when your individually-numbered item is ready to leave our studio so we can arrange delivery.