Welcome to Nason


I’m Mel, founder of Nason. We make beautiful, limited edition clothing using carefully sourced materials, and want to tell you a bit about us.

Nason’s journey so far has been a simple one.

Originally, we set up to be a wholesale business – supplying pieces to boutiques to sell on our behalf. But delivering four full collections a year, and meeting the demands of pre-ordering fabric, marketing and so on - it became clear to me pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to be sustainable. More importantly, it pushed me away from my wish to have a direct relationship with the people who are interested in – and wearing – my designs. 
The pandemic has given me a chance to really think carefully about what I want Nason to be: a brand which creates clothing that people want, and – knowing that there is only a handful of such items in the world – clothing that people want to take care of.

For a while I’ve been excited by brands who are slowing down the relationship between themselves, their product and their customers, and making the whole experience more thoughtful, more valued. So we’re reducing the number of collections we produce annually, limiting the production volume to a few hundred pieces and switching from wholesale, to a direct-to-customer pre-order model. It means you’ll have to wait for your item, but in return you’ll get a timeless piece of clothing created with care and with zero waste.

I’m going to use home-grown skills, fabrics and suppliers as much as possible, supporting the rich heritage of small scale manufacturing in Britain, and proving that it’s possible to dress well and care for people and the planet.

Finally, I’m fully committed to Nason being as sustainable as possible. I want us to be part of the community that wants to do less, better. We’re interested in slowing things right down, and discovering the joy in simplicity, craft and detail. 

So while things have been on pause, I’ve been getting Nason ready to relaunch - sourcing fabrics, linking up with pattern cutters, talking with factories, as well as finding people to help me with the marketing, operations and distribution side of things. It’s so exciting to be this close to sharing where Nason is going, and if you want to know more I hope you’ll look out for our newsletter – Studio Notes – which we’ll be launching this month.

I’ll also soon be sharing information about how you can pre-order our first piece in the Spring.

I want Nason to be known worldwide as much for the quality of the pieces we produce as for the honesty of what we do and the way we do it. We’re learning as we go, and will tell our story – and that of the people we encounter – on the way, in the hope that it’ll inspire you and help you to understand what we’re about. And if you buy a piece – and in doing so, support our suppliers and do a little bit to reduce fashion waste – then even better.


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